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Automated Marketing to capture more leads

Get Control of your Site!  Turn a Mask Potential Customer into a purchasing customer by engaging them with Automated Marketing & 2 way SMS!

Whether you own store(s) or an online store, you know that having traffic on the website isn’t enough to make your business grow.

The truth is, 9 out of 10 people who land on your website will most probably leave to never come back.

So if you want to connect with those customers use Automated Marketing and engage those masked potential customers to respond to your calls to action during that first visit, you should take a proactive approach.  Our system will automatically start 2 way SMS with that Masked Customer.

People who go to your website are not interested in it for very long. They will leave after less than ten seconds. (Bounce rate)  You need to find ways to keep them on the site longer, which might mean giving them more reasons to stay with you, like offering a newsletter or exclusive deals.

If you have traffic report installed on your site; the report shows these KPI ( Keypoint integrates) and you can map out a plan for Automated Marketing based on your KPI.  

Engage those "masked potential customers" and before you know it, they are a Customer.

Help people who visit your site get information from you.   Automated Marketing can make people want more of what you are selling.  Just like a retail store - when a customer walks by your store - you have 3 to 4 seconds to capture their attention.  A website is the same.

Let use the right resources to create automated marketing so it is good for your site visitors and for your business.

This is exactly what is for. It brings a set of automated Marketing to help you engage with your website visitors and gently nudge them into taking action.   


All messages are saved into your CRM tool so you can review a Customer history.  Plus "tags" that customer so you can easily track/find Customers that engaged in any of your Automated Marketing with the Communication Tool.

We then engage the possible Customer through automated texts to continue/increase the customer engagement.  You can even include "Voice Drops" (goes to the customer's voice mail) welcoming them to your Company! client's average of over 85% text engaged customers converts into paying customers. allows for quick customization and editing of all automation Marketing setups. You can run A/B tests to maximize your site’s full potential with this useful solution!

Sign up today and increase conversions - NOW!

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