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Communication Tool

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Don’t make your customers wait

  • 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone (Salesforce).

  • It takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect (SiriusDecisions).

  • 30-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first (InsideSales).

Give your future customers a quick and easy way to get on the phone with you. We simply place an eye-catching call button on your website to connect immediately. Visitors can click the Call Button and enter their phone number to receive a call within seconds or schedule a call for later.

Instantly convert website visitors into leads and then customers ...

Easily communicate with your visitors using our Smart Call/Text Widget.  It floats on the bottom right of your website.


How it works

We will guide you through a path to create a modern marketing campaign 
that leverages tools to reach out to your customer base in a new way.


The icon is on the bottom right of your website

A mobile-friendly pop-up prompts them to enter their phone number to request an instant callback or text message from your customer. The website visitor can also schedule a call later when it is more convenient for them.

Smart call back

If your visitor chooses to be called back our software platform calls your sales team.


Instantly connected

After your staff or salespeople accept the call our software automatically initiates a call to your website visitor connecting them within 14 seconds. Increasing conversion and improving the customer experience.




Two-way text messaging

If your visitor chooses to be contacted via text message you are immediately notified of new incoming messages. You have access to a simple dashboard to send, receive, and manage text message conversations online or on the go. Engage with your customers faster with two-way text messaging and close the deal.

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Rank higher in search results, win more traffic and be seen as the top-rated provider.

We send a Google/Facebook review request right to your customer's phone.  We share all the positive reviews on your social media

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One of the best ways to grow your business

1) Better Understand our Customers & Improving Customer Service


2) Credibility & Social Proof - thank you


3) Fight with experience to save margins - your support helps us against the Big Box Stores


4) Allow our Consumers to Have a Voice we believe this Creates Customer Loyalty


5) Your recommendations help us Improve Rankings


6) We believe our customers are our best Marketers - thank you


7) Reviews Generate More Reviews - Quality Service Above and Beyond - Cardinal Camera Mission Statement.


Text blast weekly can text blast the Customer whenever you have planned on your Marketing Calendar.  Sent a video.  Keep in touch with your customers.  It is that simple.  we built your text automatically.


Live Streaming

Connect with your customers on your first call. Interact 1-on-1 with no bots to get in the way of making a human connection
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Learn from your Customers.  When we match customer feedback to what we’re seeing in our analytics, we get a much clearer picture of what’s going on. Then we’ll know how to fix problems and go after the right opportunities.



Tag your Customers based on their interests.  Text important information based on their Tags.  Sending the correct information to the Customer helps create a purcahses.


Product Info/Templates

We create product templates for your services and the products you supply.  These Templates can text out when a customer enquires about the services.   These templates have a purchase button that takes the customer directly to the purchase screen on your web site.


Product Info/Templates - QR Codes

Instore signage is available to you, so customers instore can scan them and get key information on their phone.  Great for them to watch when home etc.  Lets get more by using technology.

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Key Words

Key words in a text will trigger a text with information on the "key words"  This is great way getting more information into your customers hands very quickly.


Call ID

Your customer will see the Caller ID you set.  We can set the Caller ID to your store number.  When customer text or call this is the number displayed.


Import / Export Data

You can import data (customer info) from your POS so google reviews and text blasts.  As well you can export the data for other marketing plans.


Connects customers to your Virtual Store creates a virtual experience that simulates real-life social interactions.  Tell your story, be a hero!

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Video Testimonials can text link so your Customer can leave a Video Product Review.  That review once approved goes right to your website so other customers can see what Customers are making at your store  It is that simple
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Make appoinments right from the Widget.  send a link.  The calendar hands all scheduling, and lets your team know.  It will also send the customer the link to the virtual store.
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Learn from your Customers.  Have different Departments within your business.  We can have Department enquiries go to the key person in each department!



You can tailor your employee's schedule so they only show up when working.  


Product Info/Templates Social Media

You can share your Product templates on all your social media!  This allows you to reach possible new customers as well as your current customers.  Let your customers know of new products you offer.

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Instore - Connect

Instore signage available so when customers scan the signage it put the customer info into the customer list for future text blasts.



Privacy is taken very serious.  No personal information or cell phone numbers are used.  The number used, is owed by client.  This allows the client to keep all information regardless if different smartphones are used.



We are busy.  With our report feature you can have daily, weekly or monthly reports sent to you.  As well at any time you can long in and your conversion rate and see the positive impact is having on your business.

undraw_export_files_re_99ar.png App

This way, you can empower any smart device or tablet; this gives you a lot of flexibility.  This opens up options for you who's on the customer service team.


More information 

Read more information on signing up for this Service.

Check the Data

Texting is a critical part of the way to increase engagement with your current and new Customers.  Review Salesforce data.

A Channel for Every Customer

Each customer has their own preference when it comes to how they want to get a hold of customer support. Today’s customers want to have every contact option available for their choosing. This means being everywhere your customers are and delivering support via email, SMS, phone on all devices. Not only does's Smart Communication Widget makes this possible, but we ensure that the service provided is exceptional and consistent across all channels.


I already have a Helpdesk/Ticketing System in place - how is this different?'s Smart Communication Widget isn’t a helpdesk.'s Smart Communication Widget acts as a virtual SuperAgent resolving over 50 types of customer queries within your current helpdesk.


How is's Smart Communication Widget different from a chatbot?

Unlike a chatbot,'s Smart Communication Widget uses best-in-class natural language processing (NLP) to better understand what your customers want and deliver a human-like experience to fully resolve their requests through all text-based channels. Never forgetting a customer, product, or process,'s Smart Communication Widget provides tailored responses and consistent service.


But this is what my human agents do?

Yes,'s Smart Communication Widget is able to fully resolve all the transactional problems customers submit, enabling your human agents to focus on more particular customer queries and provide a more meaningful experience.


Does it have a backend to track everything?

Yes,'s Smart Communication Widget has a great backend for you and your team to track all texts/calls.  You can reply to the Customer right from the back.  Making changes, and great reports.

Does's Smart Communication Widget integrate with my company’s technologies?'s Smart Communication Widget seamlessly integrates with your existing, eCommerce engine, and business processing tools in order to receive, understand and take action on tickets.. To learn how's Smart Communication Widget can integrate with your company’s technologies, set up a consultation with us here.


How does's Smart Communication Widget differ from Self-Serve Customer Service Tools?'s Smart Communication Widget is not a self-serve customer service tool. We resolve customer problems, not deflect them.


What makes's Smart Communication Widget’s NLP unique?

We use NLP models built from the ground up, specifically for eCommerce, to fully resolve the top 50 actions for any brand. Our shared training model enables us to understand your customers with over 99% accuracy on day one. As new training is added,'s Smart Communication Widget continues to improve every day. Our expert training team understands the nuance in your business and builds models tailored for you.


How do I get started with's Smart Communication Widget?

We’re glad you asked! Check out our full implementation process here.


How long will it take?

Great question. It depends on how complex your processes are, but most integrations take about 15 minutes.


What resources are required to implement's Smart Communication Widget?

We understand that your resources are limited, so we do the heavy lifting. Most integrations require no resources. To see our full process, click here  (go to the foot of our Home Page).


How long does deployment take?

Deployment can be completed as fast as two weeks.

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