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Connecting you to your Customers.

Created for you & your Company
Communication Tool
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Instantly convert website visitors into leads and then customers ...

Easily communicate with your visitors using our Communication tool.  It floats on the bottom right of your website.

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We make it easy

We built the platform to be a "WOW" experience for you and your customers. You’ll have an assigned specialist with you to onboard your communication tool.


After you signup, your specialist will reach out to ensure you are comfortable with the communication tool. 

Leading up to the release of your communication tool, you’ll discuss final details with your specialist so you feel with all the features, and you have tailored for your company needs.

Connect with your customer

On "going live" with your new communication tool, start connecting with your customers.  It is that easy!

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Lets us grow your business over time

We want to create a long-term relationship with you and your company. We offer personalized service to all of our clients. After you sign up, we will schedule a call with one of our specialists where you can discuss the details of your communication tool & strategy. Our goals to learn what is your "Pink Goldfish." (amazing customers) and how we can help you find more of those "Pink Goldfish".Our customers are experiencing a 100x engagement increase with the platform and integrations into their Social outlets. 


With our "Keyword Learning" over time, we will tell you what your customers are asking. We then build automations so your customer gets the key information automatically to make the sale and create a great customer experience. Also great for knowing your company's unique words used by your customers when purchasing Google ads words.   


With our Giveaway platform, you can increase your followers to your social platforms by making it a part of the entry process and engaging those customers with the communication tool. This is one of the most successful ways to increase social followers and find new customers; as we make this another enter option (get more entries sharing it with their friends and family.)


With our Deals platform, offer the deals & when the customer is close to your store, it pops up a message on their phone. Plus, we are engaging those customers with the communication tool. Everyone likes a deal; we have 100% automated this process as well have created loyalty programs and Gift Cards (you get all the funds - with no hassles) Google & Facebook Reviews platform captures your customers' reviews posts on your social feeds, with images and text. Reviews posted on our customer social media are one the highest engaged posts. PLUS, we can capture that customer contact info and create an "Ambassador club" so our customers reach out monthly to their "Ambassador Club" These customers can also post recommendations on their social about their great experience seamless with our platform. We make it easy. 


Once you have the Communication tool, you will get instant success and have the options to review on ways to get more "Pink Goldfishes." executive team has over 80 years of management on finding/retaining/creating excellent Customer Experiences. Walmart has used our technologies, Costco, Telus, Blacks Photo, EvelineCharles, Rexall, Funeral Business, to mention a few.

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