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Video Chat Testimonials
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Build trust and boost your reputation with online reviews

85% of consumers read up to 10 reviews before feeling they can trust a business. helps you request and collect online reviews to grow your business.

Customers who have a bad experience are 2-3 times more likely to write an angry review than customers who had a great experience are to post a positive review. If you don’t ask your best customers to leave a review, you’ll end up with negative reviews that don’t reflect how the majority of your customers feel about your business.

Close more sales and grow your business with video testimonials

Video testimonials establish trust in a way that text reviews don’t. makes it easy to collect, manage, and display them.

Why you need video testimonials

Video testimonials are a huge factor when it comes to making a buying decision. If you aren’t using video testimonials to share customers’ praise, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to have current customers help you sell to prospects.

Build a Community makes it easy to have on your website a community page.  Let Customers Know what other Customers are saying.

Benefits of video testimonials

 Social proof

We’re all influenced by the opinions and actions of others. When prospects can see that others have done business with you and love you, they’re more likely to do the same.

 Establish trust

Video testimonials offer another level of rapport beyond text testimonials and reviews. They are more authentic and more believable.

 Close more sales

Prospects will be more likely to do business with you if they are confident in your track record and your ability to deliver. Video testimonials help foster that confidence.

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