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What is a Smart Link?

In today’s world, we offer our customers a lot of options (key links).  From product information, videos, ordering, returns and so much more.

With Smart Link, you have the ability to quickly share with your customer the key links they need to make their experience great with your company.  It is that easy!

How it works

We will guide you through a path to create a modern marketing campaign

that leverages tools to reach out to your customer base in a new way.

Smart Link is a shareable URL

The Smart Link automatically re-routes customers to your key offerings & information so it is easy for customers to go directly to what they want.


It is so easy for the customer.  Works great on all devices.  You can trigger a Smart Link by QR code or hyperlink.


How do Smart Links Work?

Once a customer clicks on your link, they are automatically redirected to a personally designed page, where they can then choose which links to click to get in key information or products you want them to purchase.

You track the links that are being used and how often.

What can I link?

You can link nearly anything!  A link can be created so your customer can down your individual contact info.  Like your Facebook!  Your business information.  Promote specials or certain products.  Link to your Instagram and other social media.  Company videos!  QR links can be printed on your business cards.  Add your Smart Link to your email signature! 


Can I change links in my Smart Link?

Yes!   Your Smart Link is dynamic.  You can change your link(s) any time and it will update all your Smark Links!  Drive your Brand!

Where can I use a Smart Link?

Smart Business Cards!  With Smart Links, you can use your Smart Link QR code on business cards or any digital materials!  User scan's the QR and gets all your contact information downloaded into their phone or contact list.  Plus anything else you want to add to your Smart Link.  Things like pricing pdf, catalogue, product information, customer support, and more! 

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Where can I use a Smart Link?
Email Signature


Make it is easy for customers to get your information.  A customer clicks on your Smart Link on your email signature.  Not only do they get your contact information they have access to all the key information you want to share.  Plus you can track how many times your Smart Link has been clicked and where.  Let us brand you everywhere! 

Where can I use a Smart Link?
Video Chat


Video Chat is a new way to engage your business partners, vendors, customers, open houses!  Having a QR code allows anyone in your Video Chat to scan and download all the key information in your Smart Link QR code! 

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Other links you can add to you Smart Link

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Screenshot 2020-12-26 185307.png
Screenshot 2020-12-26 185547.png
Screenshot 2020-12-26 185813.png

Sample Store Signage

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