Welcome to is a platform that's designed to create a great virtual experience for your customer. It has many features, you can design rooms, so your customers feel they're a part of your store or your organization or your company. rooms can be based on different things within the rooms, you can add many cool features like video, you could have one on one conversations, or you can host a meeting, you can walk through space, you can add hyperlinks so that you, the customer can make purchases and integrate right into your e commerce technology. It goes a lot further than that, it creates a great user experience. So the customer feels that they're at their place of business, but they're interacting virtually. Our virtual platform we believe is the future we believe that a mixture of customers are going to come in store to your business as well as they're going to want to shop virtually, or be exposed to your business virtually. You make the one on one relationship seem like the record store, you have the ability of having town halls or even hosting a premium video. You can have 1000s of people into a space or you can have 50 and have a very nice meeting, and presenters and share screens and all those wonderful features. We tried to do Google reviews Facebook reviews, so the customer truly feels like they have come to your place of business, but it is all virtual. The vision of sharing the chat is to recognize in today's world that virtual is part of the purchasing trends for users. We want to expand your users way beyond your current radius. You want to decrease your travel costs or expenses to find new customers. Jeremy chat has many great features from video testimonials to integrating this to Google, as well as an amazing sales database management system. integrated into POS is as well as, make a podcast and blogs right from share WeChat Thank you