How keeps you secure online and gives you control is committed to protecting your privacy and data while conducting online meetings using audio, video, and screen sharing. offers multiple security features to keep your sessions safe from disruption, such as the ShareMe.Chat "Control" gives you control on Meetings function, organization-level video settings, Entry/Exit notifications and other main controls. also encrypts audio, video, and screen sharing to keep your information safe as it travels through the internet.

What Does Your Meeting Space Say About Your Company?

Iinteractive meeting spaces encompasses everything from a little huddle room meant for a couple of people to large boardrooms that can host annual general meetings. Each space has different uses and, therefore, additional requirements. In today's day and age, some audiovisual component is a necessity in almost every room. Your situation may require "Broadcast" mode, so critical confidential information is not overheard, or perhaps you need a seamless system for your video conference calls that are held with teams across the world. Install throughout your office sends a clear message to your team, visitors and customers. What message are you sending? What kind of company do others see when they virtual walk into your office and your boardroom?

Not All Meeting Spaces Are Created Equal

Regardless of what you install, ensuring you have a streamlined, plug and play system is essential to keeping productivity up and frustration levels down. No one has time to fiddle around with cords and buttons trying to sync their computer to the display while a room full of eyes are watching. There are three main meeting space classifications: Huddle rooms: Usually for 2-7 people. A space for smaller meetings or video conference calls these rooms usually have a small table, chairs and technology available to hold calls. Great for spontaneous meetings. Meeting rooms: Larger in size than a huddle room, the meeting room is equipped with AV solutions so you can hold any type of meeting required. Potential clients, vendors… this room usually has larger touch displays, whiteboards with interactive projectors, in ceiling speakers with all the video conferencing capabilities needed. Board rooms: A larger space that often has a bit higher end furniture and all the technology of a meeting room. Capabilities to high quality video conference solutions with large groups of people and technology for all to share computer screens to displays installed. The technology that is available today is endless and can be difficult to navigate. Our team of experts is skilled in knowing how to choose the best solution available for everyone and every room. Smaller spaces like huddle rooms require less technology, so having a small system to make those easy and painless – with just a touch of a button – might be all you need. For a state of the art boardroom that holds accommodates a wide spectrum of gatherings, you will require the installation of speakers, mics, displays, white noise, room scheduling and more. With our easy-to-use automated control system, even your grandmother would look like a technology pro.

What's a Huddle Room?

In the same way a team of football players huddle-up to plan their next moves and take down the competition, a huddle room/collaboration room is a virtual, strategically small meeting space that’s designed to empower people to meet quickly and easily. These rooms typically accommodate up to five people and feature the following virtual features:
– Video conferencing solution
– Video Message
– A central table that allows for virtual sitting or standing
– A quick way to take away crucial information (QR code)
– Chairs (optional)

Rethinking the Role of Conference Rooms Post-Pandemic

As we move into nearly a year of social distancing, some parts of the world are reopening, and businesses are trying to get back to work while protecting their employees' safety. The future office will likely look very different from the one we left behind earlier this year. However, meetings will continue to be an integral part of doing business, and video remains an increasingly important component of those meetings.

Growth of Online Meetings

Online events have grown over the last five years. You can now study for a degree online, learn how to code and even take part in a summit, all from the comfort of your home.
The rise of remote workers and online meetings has led to an increase in innovative products and services catering to this concept of digital engagement. To forge strong connections with colleagues and peers online, written communication is not enough. People want to feel and experience deep relationships in a virtual space. But how do you bring an offline experience of a boardroom or meeting a friend, colleague or peer online?
For that, is the solution. Breakout Rooms and Board Rooms and other tools provide the answer.

Seamless and Simple

Easy for you to host and for anyone to join. Attendees don’t have to download a thing.

Customer Support offers immediate support if you or your guest cannot log in. You are assigned a Project Manager when you sign up.

Video Chat

How people join rooms in a multi-room space

That is one of the most popular questions among our large event customers. The order is simple: All new guests join your first room until there are at least 50 participants inside that room. After that new guests join the second room. When the second rooms becomes full with at least 50 participants, new guests join the third room.

Broadcast - from one speaker to all rooms

This feature is currently not supported in all browsers. While Megaphone allows you to speak to the whole room, there is a function of broadcasting to all rooms at once. This button is only available to admins and hosts and is located at the bottom of the screen. This feature will be useful when you need to make a short announcement for all participants in all rooms since you cannot get feedback on this channel. By clicking on this button, you will need to confirm the start of broadcasting. Please note that you will not be able to hear other room members. When you start broadcasting, your image will be shown in every room and every participant in the screen's upper left corner.

The Megaphone - loud and clear

As you already know, rooms feature dynamic volume. So the volume at which you and other guests hear each other, changes according to your avatars’ distance from each other, just like in a real room.

But sometimes, you need the whole room to hear you equally well. That’s where the Megaphone comes in handy.
Just like the iconic street meetings and parades of the golden age, the Megaphone allows a user to be heard at the same volume all across the room. And of course, your Room Permissions allow you to assign the Megaphone to a select group of users as required, for maximum control and flexibility.

Can I set up a password for my Space?

Yes - your project manager will work with you on passwording your Space. Passwords can be changed anytime once your Space has been set up. Meeting url can be changed as well.

How many Rooms can I have on Space

Up to 15 Rooms. More Rooms can be requested. Up to 1000 guests.

Is the solution for Web conferencing, online meetings, webinars and retail solutions needs? is a secure online meeting platform, webinar solution, and retail solution as the world embraces remote work, security and privacy of online shopping, and online meeting software. The goal is to bring solutions that bring Video chat conversations that recreate real-life social interactions. has done that! follows protocols to protect your information online through encryption and compliance to internationally accepted security and privacy standards.

Secure online meetings tools have a secure online meeting platform that puts your privacy first. "Control" feature lets you conduct private meetings online and control the entry of participants. Even if someone has the joining link to your meeting, they will not be able to enter your meeting without the host's permission. This protects your online meetings from unexpected intruders like hackers and abusers.

Possible Boardroom images recreate real-life social interactions.

Broadroom 1 Broadroom 2

Breakout Rooms image examples - recreate real-life social interactions

Possible Meeting Spots Rooms images recreate real-life social interactions

Moderator controls "Control" features offers "locking" your meetings. Additionally, use moderator controls to steer the course of your meetings. Mute selected individuals or all participants to cancel noise. Enable sound notifications for entry and exit of participants in a meeting. Remove intruders if they enter your meeting, or remove participants when they no longer need to be a part of your discussion. - Record, replay, share, and download

Record your meetings and store them on the cloud. Replay and share recordings with members who could not make it to your meeting, or download the recording for offline use. Only the meeting host can record a meeting and get access to the recording after the meeting. The host can also decide not to share the recording link with others if there are privacy concerns.

Online meetings with audio, video, and screen sharing

Take your company office / production to your customer's Virtually. Our real-life virtual social interaction experience is second to none. Get face-to-face with a sales lead. Collaborate on a document, run a PowerPoint presentation or demo software with the screen sharing feature. Exchange messages using the in-call text chat. It has never been easier to drive your point across. provides secure audio, video, and screen sharing, which are the fundamental features of any online meeting software. Convey ideas better and build trust through video conferencing. Add context to your discussions by sharing documents and presentations through screen sharing. To protect your privacy, always requests your consent before sharing your video and audio during online meetings.

Send emails, get RSVPs, and embed meeting links

Easily send email invitations with all the information attendees need—topic, agenda, date, time, joining link, access code, and dial-in numbers—for your online meeting. Embed meeting links on your organization's website to let members join ongoing meetings. Set up reminders and get RSVP responses from invited participants.

Our real-life virtual social interaction experience is second to none.

We can design any room for your virtual experience. From the board room to your service department, financing, design department, meeting the team, company history, charities you support - every room representing your company.

Call / Text Widget

ShareMe.Chat call / text Widget

Customize call buttons, pop-ups, and calls-to-action to match your brand and messaging.

24/7 Call Scheduling

Manage calls based on customers business hours and enable call scheduling during off hours.

Instant Call Back

Engage your website visitors with an instant call back within 14 seconds using our website widget.

Text Auto-Reply

When a text message is requested's system will automatically send a welcome message.

Business Caller ID

Set the caller ID to the business and the calls to the visitor will come from the businesses main phone line.

Custom Widget

Customize call buttons, pop-ups, and calls-to-action to match your brand and messaging

Smart Link - vCard Plus

Grow your network with zero effort. Add this QR Code type on your business card to display more contact details plus a “save to phone” button.

Business Page Smart link

Provide essential information to the public by placing a Business Page Smart Link on email signature, business cards, or your video chat space. You can display your office hours and contact details such as phone number, email, or even a link to schedule an appointment. This way, people would always have the information at hand, even when it’s outside operational hours.

vCard Smart Link

Expand your networking opportunities
Simplify the way you network with business associates by adding the vCard Plus Smart Link to your name tag. Whenever somebody scans your QR Code at an event, they can immediately save your contact details to their address book on their smartphone without the need to actually type your name or number.

Smart Link Event

Promote your events conveniently. Make it easy for your customers to access all the essential information about upcoming events by adding a Smart Link on banners or posters. It is a convenient way to get all the details with a single scan. You can easily customize the Smart Link and include the date, time, address, a contact person, or description of your upcoming promo. Customers have the option to save the event on their smartphone calendar and look up details at any time.

Video Smart Link

Introduce your company with videos! A Video Smart Link can help your Customer watch product information videos on their time.

Your all-in-one Smart Link marketing platform

Now you can fully customize your Smart Link by using your brand colors, add company logo, get scan statistics, and even edit the content after published.

Nextgeneration of Smart Links

Finally, there’s a way to create a Smart Links without having a website. Our Smart Links have built-in landing pages designed to be displayed beautifully across any device.

Smart Link - on your Video Chat Room as QC Code

More than just black and white Show off your company logo and colors on your QR Codes and attract more scans with call-to-action frames.

Social Media - Smart Link

Quickly connect with your customers online. Use Smart Link to display Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more social channels.

Dynamic URL / Smart Link

Easily track any key URL with this Smart Link. As well Smart Links can be updated quickly replace or fix the link at any time.

Coupon Smart Link

Convert more sales with coupons. Add this Smart Link on your promo materials to attract first-time customers and reward loyal ones with discounts.

Feedback Smart Link

Gather valuable customer feedback fast. Use this Smart Link to measure customer satisfaction and have the results sent directly to your inbox.

Google Review Smart Link

Google Rating Improve your business with better ratings. Collect customer ratings and feedback sent directly to your inbox with a Smart Link.

1 to 1 Streaming

How do I start up with

Please check on "Request More Information." A associate will reach out to you. We will review your requirements and work with you to upload your Room images, Videos and Pictures. Your project manager will work with you, and your space will be set up in 72 hours.

Customer Support

We are a one stop solution! will assign you a Project Manager that will work with your team to create your real-life virtual social interaction experience. Our team will make it all happen!

Can I make changes?

Yes, our Project Manager will help ensure any changes to your real-life virtual social interaction. At any time you can update your Smart Link!

Can I add my real-life virtual social interaction to my Website?

Yes, let our Project Manager set up a hyper link that can be added to your company website.

How do I start?

Please fill in "Request More Information" or request a call back or text on our Website.

Need help joining the real-life virtual interaction space?

We offer immediate responses with all our plans to help with any Customer user experience. You are given access to our Client customer service site.

What is our virtual White-Glove Guest Services

Our Customers are treated with virtual White Glover Guest Services. You put in your name and number (text or call request), and you get an immediate reply from a associate. Our goal is to give our customers the best virtual Customer Services experience.