Tools and Services

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Smart Call & Text Widget

Instantly convert website visitors into leads and then customers. Easily communicate with your visitors using our Smart Call/Text Widget.  It floats on the bottom right of your website.  

What is a Smart Link?

In today’s world, we offer our customers a lot of options with access to key links.  From product information, videos, ordering, returns, and so much more.

With Smart Link, you have the ability to quickly share with your customer the key links they need to make their experience great with your company. 

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Make a connection

Connect with your customers on your first call. Interaction 1-on-1, no bots to get in the way of making a human connection.  Take your store to your customer's home!

The importance of the meet and greet

Your customer will make early decisions about you and how much time they will give you based on your appearance, your body language and mannerisms, your tone of voice and facial expressions, your words, and your demeanour. 

Video Chat

"Video chat conversations that recreate real-life social interactions"

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