User Cases

Use Cases

Open House

Product Demos

Provide your sales team with the software to create the perfect product demo. helps sales teams generate more qualified leads.

Company Meeting

Online Meetings

Video chat conversations that recreate real-life social interactions

Company Communication

Communicate with your entire team at once, whether it's for company meetings, workshops, or group discussions.

Employee Onboarding

Host employee onboarding sessions and train large groups of new team members at once. It's easy to facilitate remote team-building with group meetings.

Live Q&A with Customers

Host live Q&A's and use questions or polls features to generate engagement from your live audience. Build your community with real-time discussions.

Video / Podcast Interviews

Record any type of live interview remotely, from podcasts to panel discussions. Build brand authority with repurposed video recordings.

Video conferencing for remote teams

Our fully featured video conferencing software enables you to collaborate with your team in real-time using video, audio, and screen sharing. is the best video conferencing platform with a user-friendly interface, interactive controls, and mobile video conferencing support available at an affordable price.

Screen sharing for online collaboration

Collaborate with your team and deliver training sessions remotely through free screen sharing. is one of the industry’s best screen sharing software, is affordable and easy to use. You can use the screen sharing capability of for both online meetings and webinars.

Fund Rasing

Can be used for Fundrasing?

Let show you ways you can use our platform to rasie funds!


Using for Education can have up to 2500 people within your Space. You can to 50 rooms per Space.


Bring your store to the Customer's home

Let your prospect test-drive your product real-time We'll give you the superpower to bring your store to the Customer. Walk through each room of your store so your Customers will feel they are in your store! Let your prospects understand the value of your product themselves. You can be there each step of the way!

Traning is great plaform for training!

You can create main rooms that you can use for traning. can help you set this up.

Hosting Customers

Host Customers in your virtual space

Make your Customer feel like they are in your office and boardroom! has that platform!

Mini tradeshow

How to get more Customers!

Using platform you host a Mini Tradeshow. Great way to increase customers awareness.


Live Events / Hosting "meet-ups" with Customers

Join from anywhere in the world and create engaging online events, host private workshops, or broaden your reach.